Orientation lecture for second year high school students at the Dolores Ibarruri Institute.

On February 10, second year high school students attended a lecture in the assembly hall of the institute with the aim of guiding them on different possibilities for the next year. The conference has been organized by the Guidance department of the institute and the ERASMUS + Skills4.0 Project: how to become a future professional that is being carried out at the institute, and whose theme deals with the self-knowledge of each one of our abilities and professional tastes facing our professional life: what I like, what I can do and what are my skills in the field in which I would like to work or what I need to practice in the field in which I would like to develop my professional career.

For this we have invited former students of the school who have started this year at the university or in a training degree of intermediate or higher degree, students who are already in the second or third year at the university or who have already finished their training. We consider that the information they can provide is of great value due to their proximity in age and because they provide direct experience.

Aitor Carazo is studying the first year of HDG or Degree in Global Digital Humanities.
Ane Sagredo is in her third year of LEINN or Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation.
Irati Merino is in her first year of Nursing at the University of the Basque Country, after finishing a Higher Degree in the Biosanitary branch.
Iker Campo studied a degree in Political Science and Public Management at the University of the Basque Country.
Nekane Rivera finished ESO and took a very different path. She did a Middle Degree in Business Administration and Management and a Higher Degree in Marketing and Advertising combining it with a contract in a company (Dual Training).
Mikele Sangines has finished his degree in Nautical Engineering and Maritime Transport at the University of the Basque Country. As she was completing her degree, she added other qualifications to her curriculum: Free Time Monitor and the title of lifeguard.
Maider Valcárcel finished a baccalaureate in humanities last year and is pursuing a higher degree in Radiotherapy and Dosimetry.

Different experiences, different paths. A curricular and, above all, personal learning that has led each one to choose their future and that they have made public to help others before making such an important and decisive choice: their own future.